Gyamfua London

Gyamfua London

by Alessandro Rocchi

Who We Are

At Gyamfua London, we are a company dedicated to producing natural, affordable, luxurious, and high-quality shea-based products. Our founder, Elsie Gyamfua, originally from Ghana and now living in London, started making her own natural skincare products with shea butter from Ghana. Her friends began asking her for the secret to her healthy-looking skin, and thus, Gyamfua Glow was born!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to source our raw materials through ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains while improving the economic status of rural women in Ghana through innovative and sustainable employment. We also encourage the use of organic containers for packaging to reduce environmental impacts, and we provide youth employment opportunities to help develop their creative skills.


The 'Women's Gold' of Ghana

In Ghana, Shea Butter is known as 'Women's Gold' because it creates sustainable employment for cooperatives, many of whom are women. Therefore, Gyamfua Glow creates empowerment, helping to lift women out of poverty in Elsie's native Ghana. We work with the Global Shea Alliance to support these efforts.


Natural Products Housed in Recycled Coconut Shells

Most of our products are housed in recycled coconut shells, representing our love of nature and providing employment opportunities for craft and artisan businesses. The benefits of shea butter are endless, naturally enriched with Vitamins A & E, it provides a rich moisturizer for the body and has a natural UV protection of Factor 6, making it suitable for any age and skin condition.

Connect with Us

At Gyamfua London, we love connecting with our customers, and you can usually find us out and about in London. Check our Instagram to see where we'll be this month. If you have any skin issues or suggestions for new products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us create a positive impact on our world.


Elsie x