Alessandro Rocchi, MD

★ What is your background?

Born and raised in Italy, I decided to come to the UK to improve my English. That was in 2009, after my graduation. I lived in London for several years and had many experiences until I had an epiphany. Finally, it was clear what my skills and passion were. I had worked for an e-commerce for several years, so I decided to turn my passion into work and started my business.

★ What are you passionate about?

The discovery of my passions was a steady, exciting and truth-seeking journey. I first began by changing my lifestyle, I became physically active and fit. Then I decided to get rid of any synthetic in my personal care (creams, toothpaste, mouthwash) and started making my own, from organic and pure materials. Then I did the same with my diet, so I cut out any processed food and toxic ingredients. Lastly, I started introducing real natural food, preferably organic and from farmers' markets. At that point my passion was clear: discovering true health by following the way of its superior source - nature.

★ What are your other personal interests?

It's quite interesting how all my 'other personal interests' in some way or another, all link to my main passion in life: the many shapes in which nature speaks its truth. Therefore my other interests are music, art, and yoga with its spiritual practices. 

★ Why oral care should be natural?

As you may have guessed by now, I am a HUGE FAN of nature, how powerful and effective can be if we allow that. I see no difference when it comes to oral care. Actually, even more so. The mouth is one of the most absorbing organs in our body, so making sure that we put in only pure and natural ingredients, is for me plain common sense. I have also experienced how much more powerful and effective natural ingredients are when compared to processed, artificial alternatives.

★ Why does packaging matter to you?

Treating our bodies with care and love in a true natural way, requires the same intention from us towards nature. Why? Put it simply: nature is us and us is nature. We are our environment - since we cannot live without it - and its quality shapes the quality of our health. Imagine taking complete care of your body, and yet you live in an extremely polluted area (Bangkok, for example). Despite your efforts, the toxicity released in the environment will inevitably spread to us, by breathing or eating foods from the areas.

★ During your career, what are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for what this journey has been teaching me, and for what my business allows me to give back. Having merged my passion with my job means it never feels like 'work'. So this sense of doing the right thing and following my values brings a huge sense of freedom - and this is the main thing I'm grateful for.

★ What do you like to do outside working hours?

When I'm not working, I'm likely to be food shopping, cooking, reading, exercising or some sort of spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation.

★ What is your mission with Zerolla?

Zerolla is the branded expression of my main passion and values. I want everyone to be able to experience, enjoy and benefit from what nature has to offer. I truly believe is time for oral care to start being honest, and humble; and to utilise and respect the deeper source of true health, which is nature.

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