Before we start, a round of applause for Momma Nature please

Think about it, all the lifeless planets, and ours has coconut trees, puppies, and Pina Coladas. Now, let’s not go all Debbie-Derek Downer, but we ain’t treating our home with the majesty and awe it deserves.

Of course, we can’t all be Greta Thunberg

But let’s take a recycled leaf from her book. Take our organisation, Zerolla stands for Zero (meaning none) and Olla (Latin for jar), a mashup of zero-waste jars. You see, it doesn’t take one great change to shift the tide...

It takes all of us making little changes

Our mission is a healthy future, that starts with sustainable habits. So, yes, shifting to a nature-powered, zero-waste toothpaste is a step towards being a planet saving warrior.

  • We trust Momma Nature

    For clean, holistic dental health, we teamwork with Nature. We trust in her powerful healing and nurturing properties.

    Zerolla Dental Diet 
  • We stay clear of fakery

    Be it synthetics in oral care or fake processed foods, the best thing is always what Momma provides, Momma Nature that is.

    Momma Blacklist 
  • We do it sustainably

    In our all-in relationship with Nature, we are proud of our oral care routine which is 100% sustainable and zero-waste.

    Eco Practices 
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