Eco Biobased Bamboo Toothbrush

* 100% compostable Bamboo wood handle

* BPA-free bristles from Castor oil bionylon

* Zero-waste & plastic-free packaging

* Free tracked delivery over £15

Bristles: Kid's
Set: Pack of 4
Our Biobased Toothbrush has bionylon bristles made from Castor oil & handle made from fast-growing, panda-tasty Bamboo. Free from BPA, it comes in Soft, Medium, Firm or Kid's, so even the little ones can join the tooth-brushing party.


Bamboo handle^*, Bionylon bristles*. ^Compostable, *Renewable.

Angle your brush at 45 degrees & brush in short, half-tooth-wide strokes from the gumline down. Angle up for upper teeth, & down for bottom teeth. Brush chewing surfaces with a back-and-forth motion. Timewise, hum your favourite banger while you brush & keep going till you hit the second verse.

Cardboard box & vegetable ink.

We recommend replacing your brush every 3 months.

Under UK law toothbrushes must be stored in an old mug on a shelf above the sink*. *not really