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Eco Biobased Dental Floss - Wax on, Candelilla!

Eco Biobased Dental Floss - Wax on, Candelilla!

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  • Bionylon from Castor-oil beans
  • 50 metres for a 2-month supply
  • Zero plastic packaging

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Our vegan & plastic-free floss is great for dental care & bad news for landfill. Cleans all the lovely nooks & crannies in your mouth where bacteria love to party preventing gum disease, tooth decay & tartar buildup. Subtly unflavoured it will blend perfectly with your toothpaste or mouthwash.


Bionylon floss*, Candelilla wax^*. ^Compostable, *Renewable.


Cardboard box, cardboard core & vegetable ink.

How to use

Roughly measure 40 cm of floss & wind each end around a finger on each hand. Stretch it tight & pluck it like a guitar with your mouth (optional). Wind on until you have a tight 2.5 cm between your fingers. Now gently weave the floss between your teeth until you’ve covered your mouth. Next, engage happy dance.


Keep it secret, keep it safe... or in a cool dry place away from orcs.


2 months when used twice a day

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Bravo to Zerolla for this biobased dental floss! Patients appreciate the eco-conscious choice for a healthier smile.

- Amil Patel, dentist