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Free UK shipping £20 | New? Free Toothbrush when you sign up


Eco Electric Water Flosser

* 5 Flossing Modes & 6 Specialised Nozzles

* 300ml Travel-friendly Tank With Fast USB Charger

* Zero-waste & ZTL-recyclable Components

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Our portable, top-notch Electric Water Flosser produces high-pressure water jets to blast away the plaque & food debris that causes gingivitis & bad breath. By pulsing water between the gaps in your teeth, it can clean those awkward-to-reach areas. With 5 different water-flossing modes & a complete range of 6 specialised nozzles, it’s a jet-powered secret weapon in the fight for periodontal, orthodontic & tongue perfection.


INTENSE: 1200 pulses per minute & high jet pressure, for a thorough deep clean.
NORMAL: 1000 pulses per minute & medium jet pressure, for everyday floss.
GENTLE: 900 pulses per minute & medium jet pressure, nice & gentle on teeth & gums.
SENSITIVE: 700 pulses per minute & low jet pressure for bleeding or irritated gums.
PULSING: 80 pulses per minute & low jet pressure, for massaging gums.

An arsenal of 6 jet nozzles with everything you need to banish plaque & food debris from your mouth, leaving you with fresh breath & healthy gums:

2 x Standard Nozzles
1 x Dental Plaque Nozzle
1 x Periodontal Nozzle
1 x Orthodontic Nozzle
1 x Tongue Cleaner

BPA-free thermoplastic body*, BPA-free nylon nozzles*, lithium battery*. *ZTL recyclable.

Cardboard box, paper manual & vegetable ink.

Zero To Landfill program
IPX7 waterproof certification
FDA approved N.3015136935
CE conformed ZTS21032306PCE


5 flossing modes

With Intense, Normal, Gentle, Intensive & Polishing mode & adjusting water pressure from 80 to 1200 pulses per minute.

6 specialised nozzles

With a set of 6 nozzles for standard water-flossing, plaque-removal, periodontal, orthodontic & tongue cleaning.

Zero waste & recyclable

Our flosser comes in a 100% paper box, free from plastic packaging. All its parts are recyclable with our ZTL scheme.