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Our origin story

I was in my late 20s heading to a dentist for yet another appointment to drill new cavities. That day I was thinking...how strange that despite my religious use of toothpaste every morning & evening, I'm still developing new cavities!

Alessandro Rocchi
CEO & Founder

Alex's journey

  • 2014

    Keen to stop cavities, Alex eliminated synthetic oral care after discovering it wasn't the solution. He formulated & made his own toothpaste from pure ingredients, cleaned his diet with nutrient-rich foods & voila...no more cavities.

  • 2019

    After selling toothpaste at the local Farmer's Market in south London, Alex realised he wasn't the only one searching for all-natural toothpaste, so he decided to turn his personal lifestyle into a business to share it and help many others.

  • 2023

    After 9 years of producing pure, natural toothpaste, with Zerolla we are now able to offer a complete plastic-free range of oral care, starting with floss made from Castor oil, to toothpaste & mouthwash tablets.

Our philosophy

  • Clean

    It's important we maintain a clean, healthy environment by removing food debris, plaque and excess bacteria that can cause decay.

  • Clear

    Clearing your diet from hight sugar, refined foods is key. What nourishes our body, also nourishes our teeth. We list key teeth-nourishing foods in our DENT diet.

  • Care

    Oral care doesn't need to come with a ton of plastic. In fact, it can easily be plastic-free. No single-use plastic means zero waste.


Behind Zerolla

  • Alessandro Rocchi, MD

    Alessandro Rocchi, MD

  • Dr. Deepak Songra, BDS

    Dr. Deepak Songra, BDS