Zerolla: origin story

We arrived on Earth to find the planet in the grip of the darkest evil. As we grew and learned your ways we realised that most of you, like us, are in fact awesome.

  • Single-use plastic

    Billions of toothpaste tubes are wasted in the ecosystem, polluting our planet, our home.

  • Synthetic is everywhere

    Oral care products can be made from inexpensive, mildly toxic ingredients. Or from 100% natural ones!

  • Environmental peril

    Plastics & synthetic ingredients pollute us & our ecosystems, creating dis-ease.

I received a message...

Recently, during a particularly heavy ionic storm, an idea appeared as if from nowhere. The idea was like a mystical seed. It soon blossomed from a concept into a pretty nifty idea. I'll spare you the imagery, but in essence this vision told me that we needed to fight the dark forces of greed and chaos on plane Earth via the medium of sassy, eco-natural dental hygiene products. (Founder Alessandro Rocchi)

Ever had a cosmic vision?

Then you’ll know that when the lightning strikes, you best have a pen and paper to hand. And lo that it was, that Zerolla was born to battle the chaos of the expensive, landfill-bound, bland big-pharma, chemical-peril of the stagnant dental hygiene horror show we have all gotten souse to.

  • Eco-effective

    Plastic-free landfill-repellent packaging, made from true recyclable materials (paper, glass & aluminium).

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  • True natural power

    100% natural ingredients, great for body, mind & soul. Our formulas have zero synthetic colours or preservatives.

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  • Zero To Landfill

    Our ZTL program lets you send back to us materials that local councils won't recycle (EG used bristles & heads)

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