Eco Electric Sonic Toothbrush

* 5 Brushing Modes & 3 Adjustable Speeds

* 40-day Battery Life With Fast USB Charger

* Zero Waste & Plastic-free Packaging

* Free tracked delivery over £15

Pack: Replacement Heads

* 1 year warranty or money back | Recyclable with ZTL

100% Epic Electric Sonic Toothbrush with multi-adjustable vibrations to smash plaque & curb tartar build-up. Its 5 brushing modes & 3 adjustable speeds mean less gingivitis & bleeding gums & more smiles & snogs. Safe if you’re going through orthodontic treatments.


Our Eco Electric Sonc Toothbrush Set contains

1 x Portable Sonic Toothbrush
1 x USB charging station
2 x BPA-Free DuPont bristles

CLEAN: 38000 strokes per minute, for daily deep cleaning.
WHITE: 33000 strokes per minute, for whitening with angled-motion.
POLISH: 32000 strokes per minute, to effective polish with zig-zag oscillation.
SENSITIVE: 30000 strokes per minute, with slower motion for sensitive teeth.
GUM CARE: 50000 strokes per minute, for gum massaging.

Find your ideal brushing intensity, by adjusting the vibration intensity of each mode. Set the the toothbrushing on:


This handy travel toothbrush kit is equipped with a remarkable 40-day battery life for a hassle-free and uninterrupted brushing experience. Also comes with a fast USB charger for quick recharge, ensuring it's always ready for your next oral care session.

Cardboard box, paper manual & vegetable ink.

BPA-free thermoplastic body*, BPA-freenylon bristles*, lithium battery*. *ZTL recyclable.

Zero To Landfill program
IPX8 waterproof certification
FDA approved N.3015136935
CE conformed STS2207135E01