• Eco Biobased Bamboo Tongue Scraper Zerolla
  • Eco Biobased Bamboo Tongue Scraper Zerolla
  • Eco Biobased Bamboo Tongue Scraper Zerolla

    Eco Biobased Bamboo Tongue Scraper

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    Sodium Bicarbonate formula
    Fights plaque & improves breath
    All natural
    Zero SLS, peroxides & chemicals
    Recyclable plastic-free packaging
    • Double Barreled Mint

      Glycerine*, Calcium Carbonate*, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Diatomaceous Earth*, Mentha Piperita Oil*, Mentha Spicata Herb Oil*, Menthol*, Xylitol*, Calcium Fluoride 900PPM*, Tocopherol*, Limonene. *Eco-natural origin

      Shouty Italian Lemon

      Glycerine*, Calcium Carbonate*, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Diatomaceous Earth*, Citrus Limon Peel Oil*, Menthol*, Xylitol*, Tocopherol*, Limonene. *Eco-natural origin.

    • Cardboard box^, paper label^, glass jar^, aluminium lid^ & vegetable ink^. ^Recyclable

    • Our 100% natural toothpaste with whitening Sodium Bicarbonate & naturally occurring minerals Calcium & Silica, effectively fights plaque & improves breath. Comes in Double Mint with natural Calcium Fluoride, Italian Lemon Fluoride-free: like toothpaste but with lemons... yeah, the yellow things...gotta love that oil!

    • Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a dry toothbrush. Brush for 2 mins then rinse. Repeat 2 times a day. Kids can use it too, under adult supervision of course.

    • Once opened you're good for 12 months. Keep nice and dry & out of reach of children & bears.

    • 90 uses or approx 1.5 months when using twice a day.

    Ethy certified * 100% Vegan * Plastic-free * UK Made * Waterless, * Clean Formula

    Key ingredients

    • Sodium Bicarbonate

      A naturally teeth whitening, food-grade ingredients sourced from Nahcolite.

    • Calcium Carbonate

      Perfect to remineralise the enamel, this mineral is sourced from natural Chalk deposits.

    • Essential Oils

      Pure extracts from Peppermint, Spearmint & Lemon; both to flavour & provide natural anti-bacterial properties.

    • Diatomaceous Earth

      A natural source of Silica to effectively polish & remove stains, sourced from fresh-water deposit.

    How do we make it? Our cold blending method & small batches.

    This unique method of making toothpaste with heating the ingredients, preserves all the properties of the ingredients. We blend organic Glycerine & herbal essential oils, then we gently add the natural powders, until the bulk turns into a soft, beautifully flavoured paste.

    Eco packaging

    • Glass Jar

      Recyclable glass, made in the UK from silica deposit like sand. It's infintely recyclable.

    • Aluminium Lid

      Made from Bauxite, a rock rich in Aluminium, our lids are made in the UK.

    • Cardboard Box

      Sourced from FSC Wood pulp, made in the UK. Our boxes can be recycled or composted.

    • Paper Label

      Our compostable paper label are printed with vegetable ink. Made in the UK.