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6 Supplements For Tooth Remineralisation: our teeth need nutritional support.

It seems most people remember their teeth exist only when they start throwing a bit of a strop, usually from a cavity or tooth decay. The usual solution? Rush to the dentist for a filling. However, it’s time to question the norm. Not every cavity needs to be treated like a pothole in need of urgent filling. Instead of going the drill-and-fill route, why not consider diet and supplements to give your teeth a bit of pep?

Remineralisation, which might sound as complex as a cryptic crossword, it's the natural process of teeth strengthening through mineral absorption. As with any part of the body, our teeth also need nutritional support! These are 6 supplements for tooth remineralisation:

Calcium: Essential for teeth and bone health, calcium strengthens and aids in their remineralization. However, the body sometimes struggles to absorb it effectively. Pairing it with vitamins D3 and K2 ensures it's properly utilized and directed to where it's needed. Daily, 1,000 milligrams of calcium alongside these vitamins can boost remineralization.

Vitamin D3: More than just a vitamin, D3 acts as a hormone vital for organ and tissue health, including teeth. It enhances calcium absorption and mineral balance, crucial for tooth formation and maintenance. Given widespread D3 deficiency, largely due to limited sun exposure and diets high in phytic acid, a daily intake of 1,000 IU is recommended.

Vitamin K2: Working hand-in-hand with vitamin D3, K2 enhances calcium absorption and distribution, playing a key role in dental health by stimulating proteins essential for tooth growth and repair. A daily dose of at least 90 micrograms is advised.

Magnesium: Integral for tooth structure development and calcium absorption, magnesium levels are critical. An imbalance of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus can lower magnesium levels, hindering remineralization. It's advised to take up to 400 milligrams daily, alongside other nutrients, to maintain balance.

Collagen: Crucial for maintaining the integrity of various tooth components, collagen aids in rebuilding and strengthening teeth. Predominantly found in animal products, supplementation is encouraged, particularly with collagen from grass-fed cattle, known for high levels of type 1 collagen.

Oral Probiotic: Oral microbiome health is as crucial as gut microbiome health, influencing oral health and reducing the risk of gum disease. Regular use of oral probiotics, similar to gut probiotics, can improve oral health by balancing the microbiome.

Which supplements do you take for nurturing your teeth?

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